Spring 2015 Update

It’s that time of the year where it is hard not to be excited by what is to come. Early Spring brings bare vines, pruned through the winter months, to life with bursting buds and shoots rapidly growing. There are even a few bunches just starting to show prior to flowering, It’s a special time of the year but it’s also a great time to see the vineyards and how they have been set up for the growing season to come. In some ways they are a little naked and you really get a great idea of the quality of the vineyard. A well pruned and       managed vineyard through winter is a small piece of the   overall puzzle, but it’s a great way to start what we are all optimistic will be a great vintage to come.

Speaking of vintage, it seems a long time ago that we picked, fermented, pressed and put to barrel our 2015 wines. The  early low cropping vintage wines look very promising as they have just finished fermentation as we write this. Bright     vibrant fruits with long fine tannin structures and mouth-watering acidity from fruit sourced from the coolest regions in McLaren Vale look great. We look forward to bringing these wines to you in the years to come.

Warm Regards,
Paul and Martine Carpenter